The Cauldron Art Hub

Art and degen culture come together with this great project.$CANTO 🟩 ⛓️ will be the grounds where we have come to build our great community driven by art and culture the cauldron wil be the first of it's kind on the chain ⛓️.

The Cupids of Good and Evil

The concept of Evil and good.....
It's easy to be bad but tough to be good.
The devil cupid's will be gifted as a freemint on 🟩⛓️.
Like the sun, the angel cupid shines so brightly and illuminates the chain; Adorable as they are powerful. However if you own both a yin and yang; that is a dark and angel cupid; you bring balance to our world and for this, the ancestors shall reward you.
Those who bring balance to our world shall be called heroes and are prepared for future concoctions we'll be cooking up.
Fun fact! NO:1
There will or will not be an exclusive NFT airdrop for the heroes. Do with this information what you may😌
The ancestors are watching.......

Road Map 🗾

. Dark Cupids free mint 100 pieces. Angel cupids mint paid 10 $CANTO 150 pieces.DAO roles : assigning roles and activities of holders in the hub ..Artist Partnerships on and off chain.New collection 🚀🚀🚀🚀. Cauldron launch pad / site

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